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миг жизни. О любви (не моей) .
Сегодня читала и плакала.... да -да.. Мой друг Jamie... Почти 2 года назад у него умерла жена...  Она красавица.. Он - супер обаятельный ... добрый и умный.. Они были созданы друг для друга... Но вот так жизнь распорядилась и он такой потерянный... и ты не знаешь как ему помочь... Как грустно..и ты не знаешь как помочь ((( .. Сейчас ему за 50... а он как ребенок ... страдает...
Но он должен быть счастлив в его жизни была ТАКАЯ ЛЮБОВЬ.. а ведь, люди проживают жизнь так и не встретив ее ....
В такие моменты - хочется обнять своего любимого человека и сказать лишний раз "Люблю" .. ценить каждый миг, который вам дан..

I remember when we met. When we kissed. Our first night together. Our Wedding. So many nights of apples popcorn movies. I remember you falling asleep in my arms. Those beautiful eyes. Swing dancing canoeing walking together. Working together. Waiting for you.Graduation day. Moving days wonder filled days and nights. Sunsets and sunrises. Long drives. Your head on my shoulder.Every day we ever spent in a tent. I remember the day we found out.and i remember the day you were no longer here.And I couldn't do anything to get you back. I remember these and all the other times , like they just happend,like it was just yesterday that you walked up to me and handed me a bowl of mostly melted Strawberry ice cream . I knew the second we met that we would be besties for the rest of our lives.You were always my reason. And i don't know what to do without you. No amount of time or booze will let me forget. No person can ever fill that place. I miss you Love. I hate this whatever it is i have left. Sleep will come. Soon after the scotch. Or dawn will come. Or both. And maybe it wont be so bad tomorrow. Busy day . Nights at home are the worst. Loud busy places. The gin helps put me to sleep and singing helps. I really wish you could hear me sing. We should have had so much more time. Now i just want to sleep.


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