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Велосипедное. мысли вслух "между нами девочками"

 Вчера так получилось, еду - а прухи совсем нет.. Выжала среднюю 15 миль в час (24 км)..
Мышцы деревянные.. да ветер... но ветер не был основной проблемой.. И накатило... выплеснула ... и к разговору подключилась вся сильная женская половина велодвижения (сливки) .... и поняла я , что не одна такая, что они тоже не железные, что у них тоже бывает вот так вот... Это немного сняло у меня неприятное ощущение ...

"Today I feel so bad... I do not know where I lost my power...I rode my bike too slow..i do not remember same filling .. My middle speed was 15 m\ h....I push my bike...
I hope it is was just today.....
PS I do not want what I really want from my bike life... I love traveling on the bike.... To be alone with nature and my thoughts.... But I also like RACE ..... I can not spent time for training like April Morgan Chelsea Strate Danielle Musto or Martha Flynn.... But I enjoy adrenalin on the start and during the race....I love long hard though endure race... I enjoy to see bike life Tracey Petervary - she is rock....
Bike life thoughts......

  • Tess Hohman We all have days like that, it'll pass, don't worry. You're among the strongest women riders out there, it's okay and normal to have an off day.
    Love the photo! Had you been riding fast you might not have captured such a lovely image.
    April Morgan It's all about the suffering the scenery and the chance to accomplish something i haven't done before. Whether it is time or distance. I am learning the time i can spend training will have it's ebbs and flows with career and life. The one thing that is constant is the ability to suffer and the choice to compete. And to know that whatever the challenge, whatever the day, whatever the circumstance, this was the best effort that I had.

    Denise Ward It's just the day. We all have them and start to doubt ourselves, then the next time your out on a ride it all comes back. You're a tough lady! You'll feel good again!

    April Morgan Oh and you probably just didn't eat enough today or were stressed about something - u are killing it out there and I love seeing u all the time on my bike. When I see u I am reminded about how much u love to ride and it makes me smile!

    Julia Winkels Sveta you are such an inspiration!! One of the many badass women that makes Mpls strong...we all have bad days! I was just thinking about all of the stuff you wrote earlier....I feel SO guilty when I don't take the chance to go on a training ride etc....but sometimes our priorities are different! And that's ok...hard to believe....but it's not ALWAYS/ONLY about the bike!

    Boris Chaplin Ветер тоже фактор.сегодня был сильный. А какая у тебя обычно средняя скорость и какой у тебя велик?

    Tim Stenerson Maybe try something different and join us caving this upcoming Saturday ?

    Martha Flynn I agree with everyone's comments. I feel the same way most days. I've watched my race times get slower in the past two years and have come to terms with getting older (will be 49 next month!) and making decisions to ENJOY my riding instead of sticking to some training plan. The last 2 weeks I threw my training plan out the window and have been just riding to RIDE. It showed in my race result on Sunday, but I am happier and more relaxed. I still rode as hard as I could--just not as fast. Maybe you should leave your GPS or bike computer at home! You are an inspiration to many Sveta!

    Karyn Rudnick I'm always mystified by those low energy days too. Then a day or two later I find the reason why -- ususally I had been really stressed out and didn't know it or sometimes it was because I was getting sick. I'm realizing now to listen to my body and rest on the days I feel this way so that the next day my power is back to what I am wanting it to be.

    Timo Vincent Sveta, your English has come a long way. Wow, remember most of us didn't know what the hell you were saying?

    And sometimes it's best to not worry about little things like a minute or a MPH.

    Sveta Kovalchuk oh! thank you guys , all for you good words and recommended... I think I need more sleep... 5 hours per day not enough ... even for me .... Thank you Tess Hohman and Denise Ward - you also my queen... like older sisters. Probably it was hard day ... and tomorrow new thoughts, new power m new plans about race, travel .... and yes you are correct - to see nature this is nice part of ride... on the race too hard to do that..Boris Chaplin i rode 3 bikes (try to change often) fat bike, salsa fargo and reeb 29er. Today I was on Fargo - my regular speed on that bike 18 m|h ...
    thanks Julia Winkels - i will believe you )

    Tim Stenerson - i need to do that (caving) I still hoping one day to do that ( 2 weeks ago I was in underground Copper Harbor ) and found my small peace of copper

    April Morgan - you queen of MN MTB race and you make all race with nice smile - like it was no so hard for you ... i love to read your blog.

    thanks all!
    ps I WILL BE BACK (terminator ) )))))

    Sveta Kovalchuk yes Timo Vincent almost 3 years ago all what I understand on English in bike ride: yes-no-hi-bye-thanks-please-bike and a lot of word "fuck" ))) ... I still have a long way more ..... but now no so scared about that ... Im sure - all will be good

    Mara Larson Everyone has blarg days. They suck, but we get through them. As for racing, you are an undisputed superstar, but I understand how it might get old after a while. I did the race thing for a bit and really enjoyed it for what it was, but now I prefer doing events that push me against the things I think are possible rather than me against other people. It shouldn't make such a difference in my outlook, but I enjoy events so much more now.

  • Robert La Rocque I hope you feel better soon! I've seen you ride! You are young! You will get much faster as you age! Maybe at 99 years old you will flow down a bit! But you will certainly be the fastest 100 year old cyclist on Earth!!

    Sveta Kovalchuk Mara Larson i am understand what you say. I started racing in 18 years old. I was good racer in Belarus. But then I started organize bike race and other sport events and I do not have time and opportunity to race - it is wonderful process. I thought that I never will race again - because in my country 30 - it is very old )))).. I am so glad that USA gave me another chance to feel what mean race... I have great time to racing with really great women riders ... for me this is like restart my life... Just now i am understand that i so missing about race.... I saw how you physical power slowly back to you... When I see cool strong women , who older then me it give me push and motivation.... I an understand that I could still race 10 , 20 years later.....You, Tess Hohman Denise Ward Martha Flynn Jana Velo like alive example that it is possible .... and make me feel good!
    Denise Ward I did a road bike race in Iowa this past weekend, one of the ladies in the Cat 1/2 group was 52 years old. She was T-O-U-G-H, she was super fit, and had nooooo problem riding hard with the group!! Sveta - you'll be riding hard for many, many years! We all will! Man I love this shit!!!

    Danielle Musto Sveta Kovalchuk I agree with everyone's comments! I used to be the queen of being hard on myself if I didn't think I was going fast enough or didn't feel strong enough. This summer I've really started to pay attention to my body. There have been a few times where I've traded my workout for a nap and ended up feeling really great the next day. We will all have tough races and training days and feel lousy at times but I think that makes us really appreciate the great days! Keep pedaling

    Вот так вот... "сильные тоже плачут"

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тут на фейсбук-страничке "You know you are an ironman when... " кто-то спросил про мотивацию к тренировкам - там тоже такой всплеск был ,что мне захотелось перевести и в жж =)

когда я не могу велосипедить... я бегаю или плаваю =)

хорошая альтернатива.. а я не позволяю расслабляться.. хоть чуть чуть - но двигаться.. иначе затянет )))

у меня даже не то, что затянет: иначе я просто уже не могу

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