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нет больше сказки...
Еще в самом начале своего приезда , недалеко от своего дома , я обнаружила вот это чудо-строение Tree house
дом 1

Выяснилась очень сложная истроя построики этого домика

10 months of court cases ensued, with Tucker holding open houses to prove that his construction was sound. On February 8, 1988, Hennepin County Judge Daniel R. Hart issued an order that allowed Tucker to use his treehouse, but with limitations. The court required modifications to the ladders in the upper levels, safety cages, hand grips, and regular inspections, including inspections by a forester regarding the health of the tree. Tucker could not expand the house, but could do finishing work.

Although Tucker had been giving tours, it closed for tours many years ago.  Pictures can be taken from the public sidewalk bordering the property.
Over the years the treehouse has been a visual fascination to people of all ages. Since construction began in 1986 it is one of the most photographed point of interest in the City of St. Louis Park.
This local landmark has been featured in several publications, such as the books Treehouses by Peter Nelson; Minnesota Curiosities by Russ Ringsak and Denise Remick; and Black & Decker's book entitled Build Your Kids a Treehouse.

It has also been featured twice on the television news segments CBS News program "Eye On America" as well as on the CBS program "Sunday Morning with Charlie Osgood."

Много статей о нем.. Все гордились, всем нравился... А сегодня пришла трагическая новость

During the recent APRIL 1ST HIGH WIND / SNOWSTORM our family sadly lost a significant portion of our locally and nationally famous treehouse in the ST. LOUIS PARK AREA which is perched in our BIG MAPLE TREE.

Вроде и не было серьезного шторма.. столько было более серьезных... и вот так вот.. очень грустнооо..