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Миг жизни. "Ночные бабочки" стали популярными ))

Go Jump In A (Frozen) Lake: Ice Swimming Is Crazy, 'Refreshing' Pastime

The temperature hovered around zero degrees Fahrenheit. I stood on thick lake ice facing a hole the length of my body that had been cut to reveal the frigid water of Cedar Lake in Minneapolis. It was February in Minnesota and the water was just above freezing.

I plugged my nose, jumped forward and was embraced by a shocking cold. Welcome to ice swimming, a crazy sport I was introduced to by a fun-loving Belarusian this year.

Earlier this winter, I met Sveta Kovalchuck through friends in Minneapolis. A few weeks later, while driving together to the Actif Epica bike race in Canada, she introduced me to ice swimming, a tradition she brought to Minneapolis from her home in Belarus.

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